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Glass Catalogue - Digitised and deconstructed original glass catalogues Link to original Glass Catalogues
n.b. THIS SITE IS BEING REBUILT HERE 2022 mobile friendlyLink to Glass Catalogues rebuild
Currently only Bruder Rachmann is partly available

The following sites are resources developed by Frank Andrews with the help of many other collectors and researchers since the 1990s.
** This page and most of the sites are being reorganised in 2017 into static sites.

The Glass Bibliography is a user maintained site giving opinion and errata on the publications included Link to Glass Bibliography

Glass-Study Library - Digitised and annotated glass related publications and original material Link to Glass-Study Library

Glass Zoo - Catalogue of figural glass, digitised and annotated glass figure related publications Link to The Glass Zoo

Scotlands Glass - Encyclopaedic site covering historical and contemporary Scottish Glass Link to Scotlands Glass

Ysart Glass - Covering the glass made in Scotland by the Ysart family in Scotland and related makers Link to Ysart Glass

Colin Terris MBE - Preserved website of Colin Terris over his glass. Link to Colin Terris website

Czech glass catalogue - Primarily pressed glass by Sklo-Union glassworks. Link to Sklo Union glass

These sites have no commercial aspect.

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Sites by others

Angela Bowey's Glass Messages Board - A massive collectors discussion forum covering the world's glass. Link to The GMB